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Glass Acid Etching Specialists 

Are you looking for Glass Acid Etching Specialists in the UK? We offer brilliant cut glass and acid etching solutions throughout the UK. 

Our Lancashire based company has dealt with a wide range of clients. We work with clubs, hotels and private houses throughout London, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and beyond.

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Decorative Mirrors

Brilliant Cut, Acid Etched and Gilded

Brilliant Cut, is a 'V' groove, ground into the surface of the glass. This is then polished back to the exact same quality as the glass surface area itself. This decor is frequently made use of in association with the bevelled edge on the same sheet of glass. This creates a fancy and desirable result.

Brilliant cut glass
Acid etched glass

Acid Etched Glass

Acid etched glass is typically confused with sandblasted glass.     White acid looks similar, however, the acid etched glass could use a lot more degrees of transparency and diffusion of light. Acid etching also offers more finishes. 

Lots of pub windows and mirrors in Victorian times used a range of these methods in the exact same item of glass. It could likewise take off the leading coloured layer of 'flashed' glass.  This shows the clear base glass. A mask is used to stop the acid acting on the glass and as a result stays unblemished.

Decorative Glass

Our decorative glass offers a mix of the traditional and modern. We are skilled at blending traditional and contemporary skills and materials.  This offers complete customer satisfaction of our stained glass. 

We can produce practically any type of glass style in your particular dimensions.  We create the following types of glass in the home: Etched Glass, Bevelled Glass, Overlay Stained Glass and Fused Glass.

Brilliant Cut Mirroring

We provide a variety of services and products. We intend to give you the very best item on the market and exceed your expectations. We have an incredible range of glass solutions consisting of: Float glass & mirror, fire resistant glass, obscured glass, double glazed units and much more.

What is Acid Etching?

Acid etching is often called embossing within the profession. This involves mostly using hydrofluoric acid, one of minority acids which will rapidly wear away glass. This acid is made by heating fluorspar (calcium fluoride) with sulphuric acid. The gas is condensed  in water. The process was initially discovered by a Swedish chemist in 1771.

From the 1860s acid etching and brilliant cutting were extensively utilised for business promotion. Store fascias, advertising boards as well as trades person's vans were fitted with enhanced plate glass signs. The use of glass was so widespread that sign writers quickly adopted the craft of acid etching. It became a crucial addition to their profession.

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